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FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the fundamentals of the IPTV system?

There are a couple of fundamental IPTV systems used to access content. IPTV systems can be channeled from a broadcast platform and displayed to multiple viewers simultaneously. IPTV systems can be used to offer VOD (video on demand). The system is accessed with a set-top box (along with relevant accessories).

What are the requirements for getting IPTV to work?

Basically, there are three requirements

1- Find a provider and buy IPTV.

2- Get a device that supports IPTV service.

3- You need an IPTV App that works on your device, it’s worth to mention that the app is just a player which works as mediator between the device and the subscription link.

How to get IPTV?

There are so many IPTV providers and resellers who offer and sell IPTV Subscriptions, however, it’s crucial to find a trusted and reliable provider who offer the channels list you want, some providers for example offer IPTV for UK channels only others IPTV for USA, and Arabic IPTV, on the other hand, there are some providers who offer IPTV subscription with worldwide TV Channels, Movies and TV Shows.

Are There Free IPTV services?

Yes, there are Free IPTV services out there, however, these services come with annoying advertisements, buffer and freeze. Moreover, your information is shared with third parties and not secure.

Am I able to watch IPTV on several devices simultaneously with a single subscription?

One subscription can be used on multiple devices but you can watch only on one device at the same time. but there is some providers that allow two or three connexions simultaneously. 

What types of devices are supported?

Various devices are supported by IPTV, including Smart TV, Kodi, VLC, PC, Vu+, DreamBox, Enigma, Android Boxes, Android Smart Phones, and Max.

Is a satellite or dish equipment required to use IPTV?

Satellite or dish equipment is not necessary to use IPTV. servers will connect you to the IPTV platform using your internet connection.

What are the benefits of using IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television (aka IPTV) has numerous benefits. It is an inexpensive option in the current market and includes a slew of telecommunications providers. There are new channels on the horizon, so the variety is always expanding.

Why Channels aren’t working on my Smart TV even though I have uploaded the playlist?

Ensure your playlist functions on your computer using VLC player or on the IPTV Player. some applications are known to have bugs, you have to choose the application that best suits your TV.

The channels won’t work on the SIPTV app but will work in VLC Player. Why?

If you own Tizen TVs or webOS and you have multicast streams, the HTTP to UDP function must be switched on in the app’s settings and router setup.

Can I turn my television into a smart TV with an Android TV box device?

Sure. This is achievable since you can set up certain apps from the Google Play store, which will make your television somewhat interactive. Other apps can be used on your television, too, including Skype, Firefox, and Gmail!

Ethernet or Wi-Fi?

It is very desirable to use ethernet connections (device hardware) for optimal resolution.

What is an Android TV Box?

An Android TV box is basically a small computer operating an Android-based OS and runs various apps.

A movie I’m watching often buffers. Why?

At times, you might endure buffering as a result of high traffic or slow speeds on the internet. If buffering issues are persistent, try holding down the “Pause” button for up to 15 seconds before resuming the movie. This often rectifies the buffering issue.

Can my Android/iPhone/iPad be used as a remote control on Kodi?

You can download a free app called the “XBMC Remote” to browse options on Kodi. It is comprised of a user-friendly keyboard that acts as a remote control on your mobile device.